Terrific Timber Fencing in Birmingham, West Midlands

Enjoy greater privacy and security for your outdoor areas. Ring Castle Fencing in Birmingham, West Midlands, for an enormous choice of quality timber fencing.

Versatile Fencing Solutions

Choose wood for flexibility and convenience. Traditional timber fencing often comes readymade, supplied at a variety of heights. Castle Fencing supplies your product, which consists of a timber frame and horizontal overlapping slats. If you’re too busy to install it, we’ll do that for you too.

Your panels come pre-treated with preservative for a longer lifespan. Castle Fencing will fit your timber frames between evenly spaced posts that each needs a post cap. Call us today to discuss our supply or fitting service. We provide a variety of options including:

  • Stockade Fencing: We fix boards that are positioned vertically to arris rails between posts, which can be spaced as wide or as narrow as you please.
  • Feather-Edge Fencing: Good for privacy, timber is fixed vertically to overlapping arris rails.
  • Palisade Fencing: Castle Fencing provides materials to build palisade fencing

Decorative Fencing

Add beautiful wooden fencing, which is functional as well as decorative. We supply trellis fencing, a popular product for these needs. You can use it as a divider in a garden alongside timber fencing, or as a fence in its own right.

Our specialists are happy to provide you with guidance on how best to fit your new fence. Decorative fencing can be built into a garden feature, such as a pergola, or used as a beautiful backdrop for climbing plants. Call now to discuss your needs, as we provide a huge range of heights and widths to enhance your landscape.

Contact Castle Fencing for attractive timber fencing that combines traditional elegance with modern functionality.

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